Old wallpaper can fade, peel, crack and more. Removing it by yourself can be a tedious, extremely messy and frustrating job.

If you don't know how to properly remove wallpaper, your patience might run out on your fun DIY project and cause serious damage to your walls.

But you also know that the payoff of removing that old wallpaper and adding a fresh new coat of paint is definitely worth all of the hassle. Your outdated, old-fashioned room can get a brand new look!

If you want a new look without placing all of the hassle on yourself, and without the potential for messed up walls then you need to come see the professionals at Jacksonville Painting. Our professional craftsmen have the tools and the know how to properly remove that wallpaper so you never have to see it again.

We offer wallpaper removal in Jacksonville and the surrounding area at a competitive price, while still offering the best professional job available. We are experienced in the art of wallpaper removal and provide our high quality results in a timely manner. No matter the toughness of your wallpaper, our team works harder to remove it.

Wallpaper removal can require more effort than it seems and it is important that it is removed properly so that your new walls aren’t presented with any new issues. We cover all exposed areas before we begin any work to protect your home from this moisture intense job. The wallpaper is covered with water and an enzyme based wallpaper removal solution. This breaks down the adhesive.

Once the adhesive is broken down, the wallpaper can be more easily removed. We continue the process with a thorough washing of the walls to remove any excess adhesive and paste.

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